The Story

The farm ‘Corte dei Banchetti’, is located in one of the most beautiful places of central Umbria, Pomonte, an ancient village, high over the valley of Puglia, mainly facing south, and then with a mild and sunny climate. Pomonte is an ancient town (the first records date back to centuries. XI), which is still dominated by the ruins of the castle where lived his lords. He then entered a part of the domain of Assisi, in the first decades of the fifteenth century became an independent feudal, although his lords (Crispolti for a period together with Baglioni) were all members of the nobility.

The new rulers abandoned the old castle, which began to fall apart and that was, by local people, called “The Castellaccio”, and released a new community center directors called “Tower of Ugolino” set in a town flat and, above all, closer to the village and its homes.

Baron’s palace, which still exists, and renovated several times, has maintained the ancient structure, including many living rooms decorated with paintings and art chapel. It is privately owned, but the current owners, who will have spent a lot of care, sometimes allow the visit. Pomonte is an ancient settlement of freeholders and the majority of the population still live in houses, surrounded by their plots of land, except a small village at the base of the hill on which stands the “Castellaccio.

The ‘Corte dei Banchetti’ is set in one of the highest points of the village, the center of a vast agricultural estate, belonging to its own owners, and offers a magnificent view from which you can admire some of the most beautiful hills of Umbria including Mt Martha, on a clear day you can even see Mount Amiata. So named to commemorate not only the history of the ancient masters dinners, but also the high quality of its current food, the Court of Banquets is equipped with two modern and comfortable facilities for the reception and all rooms are equipped with services and there is a dining room, with kitchen, for forty people. Great to unwind from the toils of city life, the Court of Banquets, managed by the Castellani family (one of the oldest in town), is a place of rest and delight, that, at least by the more adventurous tourists, can be used as the basis for wonderful walks, on foot or by mountain bike, one of the most pristine areas of Umbria.

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